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Wheel end seals


  The application of our wheel end seals are as follow:

  1)Auto cars and trucks;

  2)Heavy duty trucks and recreational vehicles;


  4)off road applications.

  The materials of the wheel hub seals is Nitrile Rubber(NBR,Buna-N). The NBR provids excellent resistance to mineral and petroleum oils. It also performs good under high temperature, gas and water.NBR is a good choice for the application in Wheel end seals. The NBR has good resistance to High temperature which is better than CR,BR and SBR. Then our wheel end seals can work under 100  degree �� up to 120  degree��for 40 days. The low temperature usage of NBR is -34 degree to -40 degree. With all these excellent properties, the NBR is widely used in Automotive Industry such as  Gaskets, Seals, O-rings, Fuel systems, Tubing, Hydraulic hoses and carburetor and fuel diaphragms;Bowling industry such as Roller Bumpers, Bowling pin setters and anything that has direct contact with lane oil.

   We have many size on hand and we can also develop according to your special requirements.