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Valve stem seals

Valve stem seals

  The Valve stem seals is an very important part of the Auto Engines.It is installed at the top and/or end part of the valve tube which locates between the valve stem and the valve tubes. It can adapt to the changing gap between the stem and the pipe in the reciprocating movement, control the lubricating of oil flowing into the gap between the guide rod and the pipe, ensure the lubrication needs of the valve stem and the oil seal lip, and avoid the lubricating oil entering the cylinder through the gap. The valve stem seals can reduce the oil leakage into the combustion chamber causes the components to be charcoal and reduces the service life of the engine parts.

   Bright Rubber & Plastic Company can develop Valve stem seals according to the specific requirements of the customers. Our valve seals has very good resistance to Chemicals and temperature resistance. The low wear of it ensures the long time use of the Auto Engines.Our factory has very strict quality control system. We supply the best solution and top quality Valve stem seals to our clients.

    The materials we use of the Valve stem seals is Viton rubber, Good quality cold-rolled carbon steel and 65 Mn Spring. All these good quality materials ensure the long term use of it under high temperature in the Auto Engines. 

      The rubber we use for the Valve stem seal is Viton rubber( FKM, FPM). The viton rubber can be used at temperature range of -15 degree and 200 degree.It has excellent chemical and oil resistance. The price of FKM is higher than NBR. Viton rubber is widely used in Automotive, Aircraft,Fluid power industry and Chemical industry.

       The resistant chemicals of the FKM are including:  Mineral oil and grease, ASTM oil No.1, IRM 902, IRM 903 oils and etc; Silicone oil and grease;Gasoline;high alcohol content;Mineral and vegetable oil and grease;high vacuum; Aromatic hydrocarbons(benzene,toluene);Kerosene;Hydraulic oil;Lubricating and fuel oils;Very good ozone,weather and aging (sunlight)resistance. Viton rubber has good adhesion to metals so we usually use it to produce Valve stem seals and oil seals.

    Due to the good performance against high temperature and chemicals, the Viton rubber is also be used to make Fuel seals;O-rings;Fuel injection seals; Fuel hoses and etc. In the Aircraft and Aerospace industry, the FKM is used for T-seals, Cap seals,Manifold gaskets; O-rings;Radial lip seals of pumps and Siphon hoses. The Automotive industry is an important area for Viton rubber which the products including Gaskets, O-rings and oil seals.

   Bright ruber & plastic company are now manufacturing many kinds of Valve stem seals. It is one of our important product. Our customers are Auto spare parts sellers, Auto Engine factories, Automotive factories, Home appliance comapnies and etc.

   The products we have are including: Valve stem seals for Sinotrucks; Valve stem seals for Weichai Power Engines including Euro 2 and Euro 3 Engines; Wuling Engines; Cummins Engines; Weichai Gas Engines and so on. At the same time, we exported Valve stem seals to America, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Korea, Japan and other countires in the world.