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Suspenstion seals

Suspenstion seals

 As we all know, the Suspension Systems has two purpose. One is to help the vehicle's road maintenance and braking ability .The other is to keep the driving comfortablely, and reasonably isolates road noise, bump and vibration. The main area of the suspesion oil seals is in the shock absorber systems. Bright rubber & Plastic company supply various solutions for the Shock absorber.

  Usually there are two kinds of the Suspension seals. One is Fork seals for the Bicyles and Motorcycles. And the other is the Shock Absorber seals.  The requirements of sealing is very strict in off-road applications such as motocross and enduro. The benefits of the Suspension seals are as follow:

 * It improves the ride comforte

  *Longer the life and performance

   *Avoid the water and dirt

  *Solve the repair requirements in the after sale markets

    As Suspension is so important in the ride and the race area, we must use good quality and suitable rubber to produce them. Bright rubber & plastic company has many clients in this area so we have abundant experiences in manfacturing it. The rubber we usually use is Nitrile Rubber, Viton rubber , ACM and etc.