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Silicone rubber hose Medical grade

Silicone rubber hose Medical grade

Common silicone rubber tubes include medical silicone rubber tubes, food grade silicone rubber tubes, industrial silicone rubber tubes, silicone shaped tubes and silicone hose fittings.

Medical silicone rubber tubes are mainly used for medical equipment fittings, medical catheters, and bacteriostatic design, so as to ensure the safety of use.

Food grade silicone rubber tubes are used for water dispensers of water dispensers, coffee machines, and waterproof line protection for household appliances. Industrial silicon hose is used for special chemical, electrical and other special environmental protection carrier circulation, using special properties silica gel.

  In medical areas, we use many kinds of the silicone rubber tubes. The features of the silicone rubber tubes for medical usage are as follow:


1) the temperature range  is -60 C to 250 centigrade;

2) Soft, arc resistant, corona resistant and flame retardant UL certification;

3)The product conforms to the EU RoHS directive and has food certification.

4.)Various specifications can be made according to the requirements of the customer.

Standard colors: red, blue, white, gray, green, transparent color, and can produce other colors as required.