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Rubber Dust Cover


           The most common material for the rubber dust cover in cars is silicone rubber, the rubber dust cover of the car and the rubber dust-proof cover (CVJ rubber dust-proof cover) and the internal rubber dust proof cover are basically the shape of the corrugated pipe (as shown below), and the CVJ rubber dust proof cover is used to maintain the rubber parts of the car drive shaft; it is conceivable that the rubber dust cover is available.

Now the rubber dust cover is widely used in cars because it can be used to bad environment, for example, it can adhere to the original compression elasticity at the temperature of -40 degrees Celsius at the extreme temperature, and there will be no quality change of the rubber dust cover in the environment of oil, silt, dust, exhaust and other extreme corrosive environment.

The rubber materials be used for the rubber dust cover are Nitrile Rubber, Silicone rubber, EPDM and etc. We usually produce it according to special usage of the rubber dust cover, for example, in cars, in machines, chemical factories , agricultural machines and other industrial areas.