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Rotary shaft seals


   The Rotary shaft seals is the most common oil seals in Automotive and other industries. Such as Crankshaft oil seals. The purpose of the Shaft oil seals is to keep the oil , grease and other lubricatns in place and prevent the entrance of the dirt and dust from the ourside.  There are many standard of the rotary shaft seals such as A,AS,B,BS,C,CS,AS-P,A-EC and etc. Below is a picture for reference. 


  In the shaft oil seal, the area between the shaft and sealing edge is very important.  By preloading the sealing lips, the sealing effect is achieved. This can make the internal diameter smaller than the shaft diameter. The 65 Mn Spring provides constant pressure to the shaft.  The shaft oil seal is to seal the oil of the units.According to different temperature, speed, pressure and medium, we use different materials to make the shaft oil seals. 

  The Rotary shaft seals is used between two components in relative motion or used between the stationary machine components and rotating. The two important parts of the Shaft oil seals is the Skeleton and the Sealing materials. The Skeleton can be made from Steel and other elastomers. The Sleaing lips is made of thermoplastic materials or elastomeric which can seal dynamically or statically aginst the shaft. The sealing edge of the lips if formed by molding, drinding or cutting.