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NBR rubber hose for cars


           Nitrile rubber hose are widely used in the cars and heavy duty trucks. Most of the Nitrile rubber hoses are non-toxic and environmentally friendly, but some special Nitrile rubber hose need to add flame retardants.The toxic and harmful substances in the flame retardant will have a slight effect on the human body and the atmosphere.

Rubber hose must not be exposed to solvents, fuels, oils, lipids, unstable chemicals, acids, disinfectants, or general organic liquids. Moreover, any type of rubber will be damaged after contacting with some materials or mixtures, including manganese, iron, copper and its alloys. Rubber pipes should avoid contact with PVC (PVC) or wood or cloth impregnated with mixed oil.

    Nitrile rubber is very suitable material for rubber hose be used in cars because of the features of the Nitrile Rubber.  

The NBR provides excellent resistance to mineral and petroleum oils. It also performs good under high temperature, gas and water.NBR is a good choice for the application in Wheel end seals. The NBR has good resistance to High temperature which is better than CR,BR and SBR. The our wheel end seals can work under 100 degree (up to 120  degree)for 40 days. The low temperature usage of NBR is -34 degree to -40 degree. With all these excellent properties, the NBR is widely used in Gaskets, Seals, O-rings, Fuel systems, Tubing, Hydraulic hoses and carburetor and fuel diaphragms.